Wireless HDMI Set CWHDI-X

Wireless HDMI Set CWHDI-X Wireless HDMI Set CWHDI-X Wireless HDMI Set CWHDI-X
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Product Specifications
The wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver boxes use baseband technology with Wireless High Definition Interface (WHDI) to deliver uncompressed HD video and audio. It can transmit within 20 meters open field, while maintaining superb, wire-equivalent quality and robustness with no latency. Both transmitter and receiver sides are available with embedded antennas, making them a sleek addition to your existing audio/video equipment.. These units can also converter analog and digital signals to HDMI V1.2 output to the display.
  • Uncompressed HD audio/video wireless transmission at wire-equivalent quality
  • Supports most video resolutions including 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1080i VGA@60/72, SVGA@60/72, XGA@60/70 and 1080p(24fps/30fps)
  • Supports analog/digital video/audio input and HDMI output from receiver
  • HDCP keysets allows each HDMI input to work independently when connected to a HDMI display
  • Supports 3D comb filter
  • Supports 3D noise reduction (DNR)
  • Supports format converter from 480i/576i to 480p/576p, simply press the front panel or remote control
  • 20 meters open field depending on environment, no line of sight required
  • Real-time link, less than 1 millisecond latency
  • Strong 256-bit AEC based encryption for security
  • Video Data Rates 1.5Gbps
  • 5GHz licensed band, MIMO RF
  • Supports CEC bypass and input switch functionality
  • Fully HDCP Compliant
  • Unicast and Broadcast select
  • Auto shut down when one of the device is turned off
  • Instant signal transition and timing change less than 10 second
  • Control Channel allows two-way communications of 10Kbps
Input ports
2 x Components,
2 x Video and 2 x S-Video with R/L
2 x HDMI
1 x PC with R/L
1 x IR Blaster
Output port
HDMI x 1
Output Mode
PC Resolution Vert Rate
  • VGA 640 ×480
  • SVGA 800 ×600
  • XGA 1024 ×768
  • 60/72/75/85Hz
  • 56/60/7275/85Hz
  • 60/70/75/85Hz
HDTV Resolution Vert Rate
  • 480i,p 720 ×480
  • 576i,p 720 ×576
  • 720p 1280 ×720
  • 1080i 1920 ×1080
  • 1080p 1920 ×1080
  • 50,60 Hz
  • 50,60 Hz
  • 50,60 Hz
  • 50,60 Hz
  • 24, 50Hz
Radio Power
Transmit power is configurable up to 63mW (+18dBm)
Frequencies Supported
4.9 ~ 5.9GHz
OFDM MIMO with WHDITH video-modem technology
Wireless Range:
20 meter indoors
Transmitter: 4 transmit antennas and 1 receive antenna Receiver: 5 receiver antenna and 1 transmit antenna
Digital Video Interface
Up to 30 bit RGB or YCbCr (4:4:4)
Digital Audio Interface
System Latency
Less than 1 millisecond delay between video/audio source and sink
Strong 256 bit AES-based encryption
Two-wire Serial Bus slave interface to an external micro-controller
Application Bandwidth
Control Channel allows two-way communications of 10Kbps
Power Supply
5V/ 2.6A DC (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)
Dimensions (WxDxH)
CWHDI-Tx2: 226 x 165 x 46
CWHDI-Rx2: 162.6x 164.5 x 33.5
CWHDI-Tx: 500
CWHDI-Rx: 440
Chassis Material
Silk Skin Color
Operating Temperature
Operating from 0°C ~ 40°C
DC power supply, User Manual