Multi-Screen TV Wall Controller CVW-11HS

Multi-Screen TV Wall Controller CVW-11HS Multi-Screen TV Wall Controller CVW-11HS
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Product Specifications
The Multi-Screen Video Wall Control System is ideal for advertising, entertainment and information display. The device allows users to display HDMI or PC sources to multiple LCD monitors, while thanks to the built-in RS-232 control you are able to fully customize the LCD panels giving you complete control over 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5 video walls. The device has a built-in PC to HDMI scaler, which allows the inputted PC video signal to be integrated and converted to a digital HDMI signal output to the video wall. There is a pair of additional audio L/R RCA connectors for the user to output analog audio (de-embedded from the HDMI source, or routed from the analog audio input) to local speakers. Further, the IR remote and the RS-232 control allow users control from anywhere they wish.
  • HDMI or PC splitter/matrix with source signal and connection cables, display device such as TVs/monitors with connection cables.
  • RS-232 level-shift board (optional)
  • Supports 6 or more video wall combinations of H×V: 2×2 (4 monitors), 3×2 (6 monitors), 3×3 (9 monitors), 4×3 (12 monitors),4×4 (16 monitors) and 5×5 (25 monitors)
  • Supports both HDMI and PC (with audio) sources
  • Resolution support up to 1080p Full HD
  • Uses RS-232 cables to cascade to each connected device to remotely control each monitor with a single setting
  • Supports external IR receiver for IR remote control Note: Requires an HDMI or PC (with audio) signal splitter to distribute the video/audio signal to each connected device.
Input ports
1×HDMI, 1×PC, 1×RS-232 (Female connector), 1×IR, 1×L/R (3.5 mm mini- jack)
Output port
1×HDMI, 1×RS-232 (Male connector), 1×L/R (RCA connector)
IR Frequency
38 kHz
IR Cable Distance
3 meters
Input Resolution Supports
PC: VGA~SXGA, 1080p@60 HDMI: 480p~1080p
Output Resolution
HDMI: 720p & 1080p
Supports Audio Format
Power Supply
5 V/3.6 A DC (US/EU standards, CE/ FCC/UL Certified)
ESD Protection
Human body model:
±8 kV (air-gap discharge)
±4 kV (contact discharge)
Dimensions (mm)
200 mm (W)×155 mm (D)×45 mm (H)
Chassis Material
Silk Skin Color
Operating Temperature
0 ˚C~40 ˚C/32 ˚F~104 ˚F
Storage Temeprature
−20˚C~60˚C/−4 ˚F~140 ˚F
Relative Humidity
20~90 % RH (Non-condensing)
Power Consumption
15.5 W
1×IR Remote Control, 1×IR Extender, RS-232 Cable(s), 5 V/3.6 A DC Power Adaptor(s), Operation Manual