Multi-Format to HDMI Scaler CSLUX-300I

Multi-Format to HDMI Scaler CSLUX-300I Multi-Format to HDMI Scaler CSLUX-300I
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Product Specifications
The Digital Video Scaler has CV, SV, HD, Component, PC, HDMI and SDI inputs and can scale the signal into HDMI, VGA with audio output ports plus a SDI loop out. This high performance digital video scaler supports HDMI output resolution up to 1080p /WUXGA and Analog Digital Conversion (ADC) & Digital Analog Conversion (DAC) allowing a wide range of AV signal to be insert to a high-Definition signal and displaying. Further, with OSD, remote, RS-232 and on-panel controls that makes whole for this Digital Video Scaler a friendly using device.
  • Supports multi AV inputs to HDMI or PC/HD outputs
  • Supports multiple formats of video and audio input to be converted to HDMI or PC
  • Supports EDID and HDCP
  • Supports 3D de-interlace, noise reduction and 3D Comb filter
  • Supports frame rate conversion
  • Supports SDI loop out
  • SDI operates at 2.970Gb/s, 2.970/1.001Gb/s, 1.485Gb/s, 1.485/1.001Gb/s and 270 Mb/s
  • SDI supports SMPTE 425M (Level A and Level B), SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M-C
  • Supports SDI signal input and output cable length up to 300m for SD signals, 200m for HD signals and 100m for 3G signals

Note: SDI cable distance tested with belden 1694A. Operating distances may be very if used with cables of different specifications.

Input Port

1 x Composite,
1 x S-Video,
1 x Component,
1 x PC/HD,
2 x HDMI,
1 x SDI,
1 x Optical,
4 x LR ,
1 x USB (service only),
1 x HP Jack (service only),
1 x RS-232 (Control Only)

Output port
1 x HDMI,
1 x PC/HD,
1 x SDI (Loop out),
1 x Optical,
1 x L/R
Supports Input Resolution
Up to UXGA & 1080p
Supports Output Resolution
Up to WUXGA & 1080p
Power Supply
5V/3A DC (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/ UL certified)
Dimensions (WxDxH)
320mm(W) x 182mm(D) x 44mm(H)
Weight (g)
Chassis Material
Silk Skin Color
Operating Temperature
0˚C ~ 40˚C / 32 ˚F ~ 104 ˚F
Storage Temperature
-20˚C ~ 60˚C / -4 ˚F ~ 140 ˚F
Relative Humidity
20 ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Power Consumption (W)
Remote Control (CR-117), D-Sub to RCA adaptor cable, Power Adaptor, Operation Manual