HDMI to Video Scan Converter CV-401H

HDMI to Video Scan Converter CV-401H HDMI to Video Scan Converter CV-401H
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Product Specifications
The HDMI to CVBS Converter is designed to convert digital signal from HDMI source to analog signal of NTSC or PAL system, with L/R stereo audio. This device provides a convenient application that allows the users to store high definition movie in a standard resolutions of 480i or 576i on DVR or VCR machine.
The device is HDMI 1.2 & DVI 1.0 compliant and it features many great functions such like 3D noise reduction, frame rate conversion, adaptive contrast enhancement?and etc. Further, a simplify OSD function is available allowing user with easy viewing on the displaying status.
  • HDMI signal convert into Composite NTSC or PAL signal
  • Digital audio signal convert into analog audio signal
  • HDMI 1.2, HDCP1.1 and DVI1.0 compliant
  • Converts video signal from HDMI source to NTSC or PAL signal
  • Converts digital audio from HDMI source to analog stereo audio
  • Accepts a wide range of HDTV input resolutions, from 480p to 720p@60Hz and PC from VGA@60Hz to WXGA@60Hz
  • Output picture size Underscan / Overscan
  • 3D noise reduction in both temporal and spatial domain
  • Frame rate conversion with arbitrar
  • Adaptive contrast enhancement
Input Signals
1 x HDMI
Output Signals
1 x CVBS, 1 x L/R RCA Jack
HDMI Input Resolution
PC Resolution Vert Rate
  • VGA 640 ×480
  • SVGA 800 ×600
  • XGA 1024 ×768
  • WXGA 1280×768
    WXGA 1366×768
  • 60/72/75/85Hz
  • 56/60/7275/85Hz
  • 60/70/75/85Hz
  • 60Hz
  • 60Hz
HDTV Resolution Vert Rate
  • 480p 720 ×480
  • 576p 720 ×576
  • 720p 1280 ×720
  • 50Hz
  • 50Hz
  • 50Hz
HDMI Input Audio
LPCM 2Ch, 48kHz
Output Video
Output Audio
Stereo L/R
ESD Protection
Human body model: ±8kV (air-gap discharge)
±6kV (contact discharge)
Chassis Material
Silkscreen Color
Operating Temperature
0ºC~40ºC / 32ºF~104ºF
Storage Temperature
-20ºC~60ºC / -4ºF~140ºF
Power Supply
5V 2.6A
Dimensions (DxWxH)
114 x 65 x 26 mm
AC Adaptor, Manual

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